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469 408-4370

We can build you an amazing new metal fence in north Dallas.

Installation of metal fences and cast iron fencing.
Our 10 year warranty for metal fences.

We know that hiring a fence company to install a  metal fence at your home or business is a big decision and there are a lot of choices, but we believe that we can win your business with the best VALUE for your dollar in north Dallas. Everyone understands to avoid the lowest price fence companies if you really want a quality installation, but that doesn't mean we can't be competitive in price while still maintaining our high quality standards for your metal fences.


If you're considering a metal fence for your home or business there are many options, so let's talk about your options and pricing.

Flexible Pricing

We believe in giving you as many options as possible for your metal fence project. That means pricing on all different types of fences to fit your needs and budget. Take a look through our website at some of the possibilities and let's talk about what your looking to do.


10 Year Warranty

All our metal fences come with a 10 year Warranty which includes our extremely well built gates that outlast the competition. All the poles we install are always deeper than the minimum code requirements for extra strength of the overall fence construction too.


Completely Custom Fences

Our metal fence installation is completely custom and can be made in a wide variety of styles and decorations to accent your property with elegance and durability. Contact us for more options on our metal fences available and we can walk you through the pros and cons of each type of fence, style, and the installation process.


Which metal fence is best for your? Cast iron, Aluminum, or Steel.

Which type of metal fences are the best? AND WHY?

Express specializies in installing metal fences.The simple answer is: Steel & Iron

Iron costs more but is much stronger than aluminum.


Aluminum is a much cheaper option which is fine for most residential applications but we strongly recommend steel for it's strength.


Metal fence are very economical due to the fact that they are not as likely to be damaged by high winds and they don't rot like wood does.

(It should be noted that both types of fences can be repainted if ever the need should arise.)

Metal fences and Cast Iron fencing installed.

A new metal fence can give your back yard privacy and security with an exceptional look that accents your home's beauty. Your neighbors will be impressed with the standard of fence we build for our customers.

We are experts at building metal fences!

Let's talk about your metal fence options?

Installing a new metal fence will look elegant, beutiful, and  strong enough last for decades.

We have a wide variety of metal fence options depending on your budget too.

Beautiful metal Fences installed in north Dallas TX!

Get your metal FENCE quote now!

Let's talk about your metal fence and how we can find an affordable option for you.

We know you will love our pricing and quality metal fences!

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10 Year Warranty for your Metal Fence!

on your new metal Fence!

Our 10 year warranty gives you the piece of mind that your metal fence is being built to last followed by the promise that if something isn't right, we will make it right because our name is on the line!

We are experts at building metal fences that are beautiful works of art and last extremely long. When you work with a professional metal fence company you get expert craftsmanship and the best choice lumber materials.

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