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469 408-4370

Professional fence Staining service in north Dallas.

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There are a lot of fence staining companies to choose from but it can be a shady business sometimes because many of these contractors spray the thinnest coat of stain on the fence which will wear away really fast but looks just good enough for them to get paid and leave.


We always saturate the wood with the stain because our stain from wood defender is a penetrating stain, not a film layer that only covers the surface of the wood. It is designed to soak into the wood fibers for a lasting color that truly protects your wood from the elements.

Flexible Pricing

We maintain our prices at a very competitive level for a quality fence staining application that will last for years. A new coat of stain is one of the most cost effective ways to bring that old fence back to life again. In some cases we can even offer financing depending on the size of the job.


3 Year Warranty

We stand behind our fence staining service because we know that the right pretreatment and proper application rate of our quality stain will outlast the cheaper staining services out there. Sure there can be normal wear after 3 years and the condition of the wood matters a lot too but we guarantee our stain will not be unreasonably worn away or we will come restain the fence for free!


Neat & Clean

A big concern for most customers is making sure we don't spray stain on their house, retaining walls, the driveway, or anywhere else it's not supposed to be. We have trade secret methods that can keep the stain on the fence where it belongs!


Which type of Fence Stain is the best? AND WHY?

The longest lasting fence stain. Transparent vs Semi-Transparent. The simple answer is: Semi-Transparent

Semi-Transparent stain has a slightly different look than Transparent stain but as far as durability goes, they both last a long time.


Transparent Stain shows the wood grains and reveals the natural wood look which is better for new wood fences. If the fence needs to be restained then we usually recommend Semi-Transparent stain since it does a better job covering imperfections and provides a more uniform look.


Whenever we stain any fence, we always "soak" the wood with a high volume sprayer to completely saturate the wood so it can penetrate and soak into the wood grain beyond just a surface coat. Obviously this makes the stain last much longer as well.


Wood Defender brand of transparent fence stain.


Semi - Transparent

Wood Defender brand of semi transparent fence stain.

3-5 Years

4-6 Years

Chart of fence stain that lasts the longest.

Our Available Colors to choose from.

Our colors of fence stain.

Our fence staining service will bring that old fence back to life and more importantly, protect the wood from the sun, rot, algae, and mildew making it last many more years to come.

Professional Fence Staining!

Let us stain your fence and make it look brand new again!

It's amazing what a fresh power washing and restain can do to an old faded fence, not to mention he high quality commercial stain we use will make your fence last for many more years to come.

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The best Fence Staining company in N Dallas TX!

Our commercial fence stain will give your old fence a beautiful finish and protect the wood for many more years to come. With plenty of stain colors to choose we're sure to have the right one for your fence.

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