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469 408-4370

We can professionally and affordably repair your fence in N Dallas.

Sagging fence repair of broken panel.

Hiring a fence repair company to fix or replace part of your old fence is still a big decision and there are a lot of contractors to choose from, but we believe that we can win your business with the best VALUE for your dollar in north Dallas. Everyone understands to avoid the low ball contractor but that doesn't mean we can't be competitive in price while still maintaining our high quality standards for your fence repair.


If you're considering repairing that old fence for your home or business we can fix it right for an affordable price. Give us a call and we will come give you a no obligation free estimate.

Flexible Pricing

When a fence breaks it's an unexpected bill that nobody wants. So we try to maintain competitive pricing and payment terms that can quickly get your fence repair done and make it easy and cost effective for you.


10 Year Warranty

We fix it right and we stand behind our work with a 10 year warranty on the part of the fence we repaired. Nobody wants to pay a lot to fix their fence only to have to fix it again 2 years down the road because the "cheap" guy cut corners. This is why we stand behind our repairs with the same warranty for our new fences.


Completely Custom Fences

We can match you existing style of fence regardless of Trim work you may have so it will be as seamless of a repair as possible. We can also stain your fence after the repair to make everything match as close as possible  too.



Got a broken fence? We can repair it fast and affordably!

Express repairs broken wood fence posts with new metal poles. Many fences in DFW were built before cities started changing their codes to require all metal poles instead of wooden posts. The wooden posts rot where the moisture from the grass keeps the wood wet and eventually they break. We can easily remove your broken posts AND the concrete that's deep in the ground and replace it with a strong metal pole with a properly drilled hole for the concrete footer so it will last many years.


We also fix a lot of problems that other fence companies make such as crooked fences, that are wavy and unlevel as well as sagging gates that were not built properly. Our gates are designed to be very strong and braced so they won't sag over time and we use massive 6" Lag Screws to hold the gate frame together.


Guys replacing a broken panel for fence repair.

A falling broken fence is unsightly and eliminates the privacy you want in your back yard. So give us a call and we can affordably fix your broken fence posts, sagging gate, or missing pickets as well as replace entire panels too.

Professional Fence Repair!

Let's get the broken fence repaired!

Repair or replace your existing fence using the professionals at Express Fence.

We have a wide variety of pricing options,  including financing your fence repairs.

Fast & Affordable Fence Repair in north Dallas TX!

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Let's talk about your fixing your fence and how we can find an affordable option for you.

We know you will love our pricing and quality!

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10 Year Warranty for your Fence Repair!

on Qualifying Fence Repairs!

Our 10 year warranty gives you the piece of mind that your fence repair is built to outlast your old fence, followed by the promise that if something isn't right, we will make it right because our name is on the line!

Got a broken post or sagging gate?

We can quickly repair your fence professionally and for an affordable cost. We know how to build fences that last and we can quickly resolve your problem.

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